Langstroth Hives 10 frames

Pine Beehive Kit
(Deep 300mm)
from 57 $

Pine Beehive Kit
(Medium 230 mm)
from 60 $

Pine Beehive Kit
from 58 $

Langstroth Deep Pine Hive Box
from $15.00



Langstroth Medium Pine Hive Box
from $10.00



Langstroth Shallow Pine Hive Box
from $8.00

Langstroth telescoping roof
with thick sheet metal on top
for added protection and durability.

Langstroth Cover


Wooden inner cover for beehive,
available in 10-frame size.
It arrives to you fully-assembled!

Langstroth Inner Cover

This is a solid bottom
board made from dried pine
for Langstroth hives.

Langstroth Solid Bottom Board



 from 1$

Frames Dadan 300 mm (Deep )
Frames Langstroth-Rutta 230 mm (Medium)
Frames Honey 145 mm (Shallow)